Sophisticated Ladies Swing & Latin Quartet

” This is the band you wish would take up residence at your favorite hotel bar so you could see them all the time. … they have such killer chops they could be singing the yellow pages from a crummy suburb and you’d stick around to order another round. Loaded with the kind of joie de vivre you wish you could get injected, this is the kind of jazzbo break you’ve been waiting for. Killer stuff.” ~Chris Spector, Midwest Record (Oct. 8 2012)



A True Story was # 1 on the CMJ Jazz charts # 1261 and in the top 40 Jazz for three weeks

“A True Story is an impressive debut album and the ladies will find many admirers when they tour.” -John M. Peters The Borderland , UK (Oct. 6 2012)

“A really good jazz sound has come out of France and it’s called The Sophisticated Ladies. A True Story is a fun album with good performers without a doubt.” —Tim Taylor Audiophile Audition (Dec. 4 2012)

” In a word they are simply ” good ! ” …from very different backgrounds which spawn resplendent cultural heritages that infuse their music with excitement, vitality and originality.” –Jazz Music (Sept. 2 2012)

“This engaging…effort not only highlights the individual talents … but also an impressive cameraderie that causes the music to seamlessly flow… the spicing … with various ethnic influences makes it even more alluring.” — Hrayr Attarian , All About Jazz (Sept. 3 2012)

“The more you delve into this wonderful ensemble’s sound the more it transports you to a speakeasy in the 1930’s and you almost at times feel you are reminiscing at a Billie Holiday show” — Constance Tucker , All About Vocals (April 26 2012)


Rachael Magidson Rachael Magidson Tonneince
Is she a relative of the famous composer Herb Magidson ? No, her last name is from a passport stolen from Russia in 1912 so that her great grandfather could escape the continent and come to the US. His last name was originally Heifetz.

Rachael’s musical training came from both her family : a grandmother and father pianist, mother who plays violin and clarinet, a brother, singer and guitarist and her other brother who inspired her to play trumpet like him as well as from public education : trumpet in elementary school , the junior high school jazz band, every possible choir in high school , and African percussion at UC Berkeley .

Her career in music began as a bassist, percussionist, and then on the drums. As a sideman, Rachael recorded three albums , toured all of western Europe and played in California .She became a singer and trumpet player with the Stocchi Jazz Band in the year 2000 with whom she recorded ”West of the Moon” and consequently played under her own name beginning in 2006. Rachael Magidson quintet recorded “The Clouds Have Passed” and still plays in California and in France , one notable show being Les 24 Heures du Swing opening for Eddie Palmieri.

accompanies her sublime delivery of lyrics and subtly sensuous voice with exquisite Afro Cuban percussion

…frighteningly hedonistic impact…Magidson is one of those song stylists … that pretty much has her way with you emotionally. You could easily succumb to a state of bewitched, bothered bewilderment…(Jazz Music Review)

…her dark and refined flugelhorn also adds a nocturnal mystique … ” Her gorgeously mellow and fat tone…blows like a fragrant and heady breeze…” (All About Jazz)

“outstanding with the percussion.” (Audiophile Audition)

” … it is almost uncanny how much Magidson captures Holiday’s unique delivery.” (All About Vocals)


Valerie left La Reunion at the age of 17 to come to France and study music. Valerie studied classical piano and got a degree in musicology, before being attracted to other styles. She was quickly hired by other groups for her rich rhythmic culture coming from La Reunion such as Melting Pot, a Salsa band.

Valerie is a well rounded artist and has her own group Akoda (afro-jazz), for whom she composes. Valerie brings her arranging talents and knowledge of afro-cuban culture to the Sophisticated Ladies.

Music has already brought Valerie to Belgium, France, Spain, Morocco, California and to La Reunion where she has played festivals such as Monsegur, Le printemps de Bourges , Jazz in Sanguinet and others.

“from the island of La Reunion… a superbly developed sense of rhythm…poignantly melodic…” (Jazz Music)

“Valerie Chane-tef ‘s sparse notes…showcase a versatile pianism that ranges from classically influenced sonata like sounds to up tempo…romanticism…”(All About Jazz)

SHEKINAH RODZorthez sheki
Shekinah moved from Puerto Rico to Atlanta she played tenor saxophone and flute with Orquesta Tamboricua, Orquesta Nova Sound, Serenata Band and Clase Aparte. While studying in GSU, Rodz was the lead alto and doubling for the Jazz Band who collaborated in concerts with the legendary Slide Hampton, David Sanchéz, Mike Holober, among others. Recently Shekinah Rodz had great opportunity to tour and record with the Tony and two time Grammy Award winner, Jennifer Holliday, participating together with Atlanta most renown musicians in the R & B and Jazz area as: Daniel Moore, Sonny Emory, Melvin Jones, Dré Bowman, Emmet Goods, among others.
As a freelance saxophone, flute and vocals, Rodz has participated at the Sukkot in Jerusalem, Israel. Shekinah was the lead feminine voice, alto saxophone and flute of San Juan Jam, directed by Cucho Garcia, pianist; playing for Atlanta audience and other states of the country.
Nowadays, Shekinah has moved to France and has performed within jazz festivals and special concerts in England, Switzerland, Israel, France, Greece, United States, Spain and Puerto Rico. She has performed with Nicholas Payton, Bill Stewart, Vincent Archer, The Afro-Borikén Jazz Ensemble a.o.

Rodz unique “charanga” style in her flute playing, the blend of Jazz, R & B, latin, bossa on her voice, her big sound on the saxophones, and the ability of blend with different repertoire makes her a vast complement within musicians.


LAURE is the youngest member of the group. Before even finishing her studies in classical and jazz, her teachers have all hired her. She has a very solid sense of rhythm and a diverse musical culture , and a big sound . Laure is also a talented singer and heads her own trio . orthez laure 2